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Introducing the New Hillsdale News

[Posted March 24, 2020]

by Rick Seifert

In 2015, at the age of 73, I decided to step down as editor of the HIllsdale News. When I set out to find a replacement, Valeurie Friedman was on my short list of people to approach about taking over. The stars weren’t aligned correctly for her or any of the others I approached.

And so the Hillsdale News died.

Fortunately, the stars are now realigned for Valeurie. And frankly, her revival of the Hillsdale News comes none too soon considering these trying times.

Even in normal times, the strength of any community resides in its ability to communicate with its members. I often hammer on the idea that communication defines community. Without communication, we are just a bunch of folks who happen to live in the same place. I also add that strong, civic-minded communication creates strong, civic-minded communities. Disruptive communication destroys communities.

I fervently hope that Hillsdale News readers will do more than read this publication. I hope they tell others about it and use to it as a public forum.

To be sure, the quality and success of a publication result from the skill and perceptivity of its editor. But just as important is the sustaining support of the community — readers, businesses and public institutions.

I urge you to use and contribute to this revived Hillsdale News in order to shape and strengthen Hillsdale.

Thanks, Valeurie, for stepping up. And thanks in advance to you, Hillsdale residents and businesses, for reading and engaging with the Hillsdale News, and, in so doing, nurturing our beloved community.


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