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New Sunday Parkways Route Coming to SW in September

[Posted July 16, 2023]

Corrected July 16: Several faithful (and attentive) readers corrected the original assertion printed here that this year's event will be the first in SW Portland. In fact, Sunday Parkways has visited our quadrant twice since 2014 (although in 2015 it was just a dip of the toe into SW from the west end of the Tillikum Crossing)—it's just the route the event will follow that is new this year. Judy Henderson was fastest at the keyboard to remind us about the very hilly itinerary from 2014. Recalling her volunteer gig at end of the course, where she watched "hot, tired families struggling to finish," she's hopeful that this year's route will be an improvement.


Portland Bureau of Transportation has announced the first Sunday Parkways event to be held in SW Portland.

Here's the info from PBOT:

Have you heard the good news? Portland Sunday Parkways presented by Kaiser Permanente is coming to Southwest Portland on September 10, 2023!

Portland Sunday Parkways is a free community event that closes the streets to cars and opens them for people to walk, bike, run, roll, and play in the streets and parks.  These accessible family-friendly events feature live entertainment, free activities for all ages, vendors and more.  

We’ll be featuring a brand-new route that takes participants to Gabriel Park, Multnomah Village, Multnomah Arts Center, and Spring Garden Park. With the hilly nature of Southwest in mind we’ve designed a special walking-only route. We’ll also be showing off the newly renovated SW Capitol Hwy.

We’d love to hear if there are ways to highlight the amazing work that your organization is doing by having a presence at the event or helping shape it. We also welcome ideas for how this event can best serve the neighborhood and community.

Here are some of the ways to get involved:

  • Host an activity at the event. This could be anything from a group walk or bike ride, to a dance party, or place-making initiative. We have resources to help your group design and implement whatever celebration comes to mind.

  • Share event information with your community. Distribute printed flyers at an upcoming gathering or digitally such as sharing e-newsletters or social media posts.

  • Give input on event priorities and activities. What issues are most important to your community? How would you like to see your community represented at these events? How can Sunday Parkways best serve your community?

  • Recommend a business or organization to highlight. Let us know if there is a great business or organization that you think people in your community would love to see at the event.

  • Fundraise by gathering volunteers. Sign up 5 or more people to volunteer and receive a financial contribution for each volunteer shift covered.

  • Adopt an intersection. Help keep participants safe while sharing information about your organization and engaging with people passing by on the route.

Event Details

Are you interested in learning more about ways to participate? Call us at 503-823-7599 or email us at


Portland Sunday Parkways Team

Portland Bureau of Transportation

1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1331

Portland, OR 97204


PBOT expects a $32 million budget shortfall next year. What are your thoughts on how the city should prioritize transportation projects in a budget-cutting scenario? Let us know.


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