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New Game Event at Other Worlds Games & Comics on November 20

[Posted November 19, 2021]

"Has anybody noticed a horrific lack of martial arts in the board game world?" Game creator Andy Mahoney poses the question, promising that Bodega Brawl, a new tabletop game developed and produced locally, will "fill that gaping hole."

a game board and game play cards.
Bodega Brawl game set.

Other Worlds Games & Comics will host a release party for Bodega Brawl from 2-4pm on Saturday, November 20. The free event will feature tournament play for ages 5 and up and copies of the game for purchase.

Bodega Brawl is a martial arts-based tabletop game for two players literally dreamed up by Multnomah Village resident Mahoney. Mahoney, pastor at Riversgate Church and life-long fan of all things martial arts (ranging from video games to movies to Kung Fu pajamas), says the concept came to him in a dream one night about five years ago.

In production since 2019, the game was well-received at this year's Comic Con, where 100 advance copies quickly sold out.

You can learn more about Bodega Brawl at Other Worlds Games & Comics is in Hillsdale at 6350 SW Capitol Hwy.

--Valeurie Friedman


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