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New At The Library

[Posted Thursday, October 27, 2022]

Submitted by Amy Miller, Hillsdale Branch Manager

Local Artists' Work on Display

We have some lovely pieces by Jeanine Semon on display now above the front staff desk and another community member is interested in having their works on display next!

Jeanine Semon is a Jewish artist who was born and raised in Wisconsin. Hailing from the small town of Portage, her family moved to the Milwaukee area when she was 21 years old. After marrying Ed Semon, they lived in Menomonee Falls for 50 years, where they raised their three children, Dr. Bruce Semon, Jesse Semon, and Betsy Semon Kauffman. Currently Jeanine lives with her husband Ed at the Rose Schnitzer Manor in Portland, where she keeps a working studio combining writing and innovative art. This exhibit at the Hillsdale Library illustrates her new book, “How an Artist Thinks,” connecting Jeanine’s art style to her great-uncles’ skill back in Old Russia, where they worked for Russian royalty. Her paintings for the show are printed on metal and glass, small in size, again relating to to the Russian pocket-size filigree boxes done by her uncles. Her book, “Living Art, Living Young,” tells her overall story in her words. It can be found on Amazon.

Lucky Day books are back after 2.5 years!

The Lucky Day Collection provides additional browsing copies of high interest and popular titles. These are available for immediate use and are not subject to hold queues.

The collection will include print books, nonfiction and fiction, for all audiences, with a focus on titles popular with patrons, regardless of their age.

When a patron checks out a Lucky Day title that they also have on hold, the item will now automatically be removed from the hold requests on the patron's account.

Meeting Room Now Reservable

Members of the public may once again reserve the meeting room. We can have up to 46 people in the room and certain rules apply. Find the application for reservations here.


Keep an eye out for fun interactive events at the library. We currently have a walk-up "make your own luminaries" craft for all ages and we recently ended a Batman bat-signal scavenger hunt.


How do you use the Hillsdale Library? Let us know.


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