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StrengthFarm Beefs Up the Hillsdale Fitness Scene

[Posted March 12, 2021]

Sam Johnson lived all over the country and around the world during his time in the military. The perspective he gained after living in places from Texas to Afghanistan, from Missouri to Japan, has brought him back home to SW Portland to open Strengthfarm, a personal training and fitness business.

StrengthFarm opened on February 1st in a previously vacant storefront a few doors down from Salvador Molly's restaurant on Sunset Blvd. Inside, black walls put the focus on fitness equipment and a treatment table where, on a recent visit, a physical therapist was working on a pro football player with a bad ankle.

Services offered at StrengthFarm include personal and small group fitness and sports training as well as a fitness app available for a subscription fee of $9.99 a month. Personal training sessions are $75-$100 an hour depending on frequency. Workouts are designed for clients of all ages and abilities who want to improve their strength, speed, conditioning and mobility.

Johnson chose Hillsdale because it's close to the home he grew up in the Hayhurst neighborhood and which he is in the process of purchasing. After seven years in the military and living all over the world, Johnson says, "I realized how good we have it here in Portland."

StrengthFarm Personal Training

1515 SW Sunset Blvd

--Valeurie Friedman



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