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Support your Community and Go Solar

Sunny roof not required

[Posted Friday, September 30, 2022]

Contributed by Amy Houchen, Chair, Hillsdale Community Foundation

When you subscribe to the Oregon Community Solar Program through the Hillsdale Community Foundation, both you and the Foundation will receive a $25 e-gift card. With the Oregon Community Solar Program, you don’t need panels on a sunny roof to support local solar farms and save money on your Portland General Electric (PGE) bill.

The Hillsdale Community Foundation works to strengthen community among those who live and work in Hillsdale. The Foundation organized a solar fair in May. It sponsors concerts at the Josh Kadish Community Stage, which it helped to build. The Foundation also raised over $30,000 for COVID relief and aids the Farmers Market and Hillsdale Assistance Team with their fundraising. It supports graffiti removal and is the umbrella organization for the Usual Suspects and Garden Variety Suspects, who keep Hillsdale looking good through litter removal and maintaining the plantings along Capitol Highway.

Interested in going solar but you rent your home, or can’t afford to invest in panels? Maybe you're like Michael Reunert, past president of the Hillsdale Community Foundation: When he had a solar company come and take a look at his roof, he was told, “You would have to cut your trees, and your neighbor's trees, to get enough sun on your roof."

But you can switch to solar and save money without a sunny roof. How? By subscribing to solar electricity generated at a project elsewhere in PGE’s service area and getting credit against your bill. Watch a YouTube video from Oregon Shines explaining how it works:

Subscribe through the Hillsdale Community Foundation’s referral site, and both you and the Foundation will receive a $25 e-gift card. Help yourself, your community, and the environment all at once!


Going solar? Already on it? Tell us why you did it and what you think.


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