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Update: Learn About Solar Power Options at Solar Fair

[Posted Wednesday, April 20, 2022, updated May 4, 2022 to include a partial list of exhibitors]

Submitted by Amy Houchen for the Hillsdale Community Foundation

Going Solar—Learn how to get solar power even if you don’t have a sunny roof! Come to the Hillsdale Community Foundation’s Solar Fair on Sunday, May 15.

The Solar Fair is happening at the Rieke School covered playground on May 15 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., just down the hill from the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market. Fun and informative exhibits will show and explain how to tap into solar power at your own home or business to lessen greenhouse gas emissions.

Among the exhibitors:

  • Solar Oregon

  • Solar for All

  • Oregon Clean Power Co-op

  • Oregon Shines

  • UO Environmental Studies

  • Robert Gray Middle School Environmental Engineering

  • Ida B. Wells-Barnett High School Astronomy Club

  • Sunbridge Solar

  • Imagine Energy

We’ll have exhibits from installers. A solar subscription service offers solar power to those who don’t own their own sunny roof — sign up and get a bag of coffee! Learn about how solar co-ops can help non-profits go solar, and opportunities to help low-income homeowners get panels to help save the planet.

In addition, visit the exhibits from local schools and the University of Oregon Environmental Studies program with cool interactive displays. If it’s sunny, we’ll have a solar telescope to peer into!

This event is presented by the Hillsdale Community Foundation as part of its mission to strengthen and support the greater Hillsdale community by initiating and nurturing educational, informative, aesthetic, environmental and artistic programs and projects for the purpose of community building.

Email for more information.


Are you ready to go solar? Let us know.


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