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Business Update January 2024

[January 31, 2024]

What's new in the business district this month?

First, the good news: Liberty Rose Tattoo has opened its doors in Hillsdale, taking up residence at 6327 SW Capitol Hwy Suite B, near Sip City Liquors.

Owner/artist Joakim Rosenberg describes his style as "a modern take on American traditional." Rosenberg grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and has also lived in Florida. Now in his tenth year of tattooing, he and his wife live in Multnomah Village with their nine-month-old, their first child. "After moving to Multnomah Village I knew I wanted to be part of this community," he told the Hillsdale News.

And more good news for anyone looking for something to do here in Hillsdale this weekend or the next: For the first time, Hillsdale will be part of the city-wide Portland Winter Light Festival with two installations to see, one at the Food Park and another at Wells High School.

Richard Stein, owner of the Hillsdale Food Park, has put together a team of artists to create an interactive community event complete with poi fire dancers. The food carts will be open and wine and hot chocolate will be available for purchase.

Members of the Makerspace Club at Wells are the creators behind "Jellyfish Adrift," which will be on display near the Vermont St. entrance to the school.

Visit the displays on Friday and Saturday, February 2 and 3, and Friday and Saturday, February 9 and 10. Wells High School adds to the festivities with a Glow Dance from 6-7:30pm on February 9. You can read more about the events here.

And now the bad news: The ice storm that hit on January 18 caused a protracted power outage in the Hillsdale business district. Just about all businesses had to close for a day or more because of the outage, and two shops were burglarized.

During the early morning hours of Friday, January 19, with alarms and surveillance cameras down, the glass entry doors of both Other Worlds Games and the laundromat were shattered by an opportunistic robber or robbers.

Damage from the ice storm included shop doors broken in when power was lost and alarms and cameras disabled.

This is the third break-in at Other Worlds in recent months. This time the thieves left with only about $1,000 worth of merchandise. Owner Ron Connell said high-value items had been either locked up more securely or already stolen in the November break-ins. Connell also said that the glass company who installed the door claimed that it was "unbreakable."

When the thieves failed to get the change machine in the laundromat open, they broke in the door of the dry cleaner next door and made off with a few blankets. The long-time owner of both the laundry and dry cleaners said that this is only the second time in his 40 years in Hillsdale that the laundry has been broken into.

Other businesses, like SW Portland Martial Art/Crossfit Hillsdale suffered extensive water damage after pipes burst. The Farmer's Market had to cancel that Sunday's market, which hardly ever happens, a sign of how bad the storm was.

After all that, we deserve a light festival!

—Valeurie Friedman


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