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Friends of Terwilliger Finds Fault with VA Report

[Posted April 8, 2022]

The nonprofit Friends of Terwilliger has filed comments in response to a Veteran Administration's draft environmental assessment (DEA) of impacts from planned development at the VA Health Care Center located just above Terwilliger Parkway.

The friends group contends that the VA's report fails to fully account for potential significant negative impact to the historic parkway from the planned construction of several new buildings on the steep slope just above.

The filing of the response to the DEA was announced in a press release dated April 5, 2022, which included a message that "Friends of Terwilliger understands that the VA has compelling reasons for upgrading the VA facilities to better serve their patients and employees."

According to the draft environmental assessment, the VA plans to make major seismic improvements to existing buildings, add two parking levels to an existing parking structure for an additional 150 parking spaces, build a new 650-space parking structure as well as a 300,000 square foot specialty care building.

--Valeurie Friedman


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