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Give the Gift of Emergency Preparedness

[Posted December 3, 2021]

Contributed by Robin Jensen and Patrick Pangburn for Hillsdale NET


For more info on how to get prepared for a disaster, check out the series of emergency preparation articles brought to you by the Hillsdale Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) and the Hillsdale News. These articles help you prepare your family and your community for a major natural disaster and provide information on Hillsdale NET and what it does.


emergency supplies
Some examples of emergency supplies that make good holiday gifts.

Stumped on ideas for a holiday present for that special someone? Is it difficult to find gifts for the person who has everything? Consider giving them some peace of mind by helping them prepare for emergencies. If you read our emergency preparation series in the Hillsdale News (and if you haven't, you can find it here), you might remember some of the practical items in this list. Useful gear, much of which can be purchased locally, includes:

  • Emergency blankets (#2, Start Building Your Cache has a list of other useful items)

  • GMRS radios (General Mobile Radio Service is a licensed radio service for short-distance, two-way voice communications)

  • LED flashlights/head lamps

  • Fireproof/waterproof document bags to keep important documents safe

  • Toilet seat that fits on a 5-gallon bucket for waste management (see #10, Disaster Sanitation)

  • Personal water filter (such as LifeStraw)

  • Solar inflatable lamp

  • Hand crank radio

  • Utility wrench for safe utility shut-off (learn more about safely shutting off utilities in #8, Utility Shut-Off Basics)

  • Water storage containers—stacking cubes work great (consult #4, Storing Water, for more details on how to make sure you have enough water on hand)

  • Multitool (such as a Leatherman)

  • First Aid kit

  • Freeze-dried/non-perishable food (find more ideas for storing food in #5, Preparing your Pantry for an Emergency)

  • Portable cellphone battery charger

  • Solar charger (#9, Power Sources in a Disaster, has helpful information on different power sources that can keep you charged up)

  • Heavy duty garbage bags

photo of safety glasses in packaging
Safety glasses are a useful addition to an emergency supply cache.

Here are some items that make great stocking stuffers:

  • N95 masks

  • Waterproof matches or lighter

  • Hand warmers

  • Emergency whistle with lanyard

  • Safety glasses

Who knows, you may provide the encouragement they need to start putting together a whole emergency supply kit—what is a better gift than that?!

Your local Hillsdale Neighborhood Emergency team wishes you and yours a joyful and safe holiday season.


Hillsdale NET wants to know how you connect with your neighbors, as well the geographic boundaries of your local community networks.

Email to share information about the “how” and the “where” of the networks in your immediate neighborhood so we can help ensure that everyone is in the communication loop in an emergency. Use that email as well to ask any questions you may have about emergency preparation or Hillsdale NET.


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