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Hillsdale Neighborhood Assoc. Board Elections Approach

[Posted Friday, May 6, 2022]

Submitted by Glenn Bridger, vice president, Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

What issues do you want the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association to address and discuss?




Water quality?



Net Emergency Team (NET) events such as snow and ice, earthquakes, landslide-prone areas?

You can have a voice in what your neighborhood stands for. The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association (HNA) elects new board members in June. The HNA is one of 95 neighborhood associations recognized by the City of Portland as a concentrated voice of the residents and businesses in their area.

Our public agencies are faced with challenges needing solutions. There is none bigger than the massive homeless issue we see on the sides of our streets and highways. Also, automobile traffic passes through Hillsdale between the suburbs and downtown, and we are experiencing an increase in “cut-through” traffic; are these more important than our driving, walking, or bicycling to our neighborhood store or park? Does the rain filling our streets carry dirt to the creeks, or help settle out the debris and pollutants on its path?

Not just challenges, but opportunities come to the HNA. Public safety means how we prepare for natural and manmade emergencies, as well as keeping our eye on disruptions (stolen front-porch packages, vandalism, graffiti) in our communities. New housing developments are proposed for construction; how will they affect the landscape and parking for the existing residents and larger community? The quality of our schools is the first priority for many parents when selecting a new place to live. What can we do to enhance the image and performance of our many schools?

You can become a candidate for the board by either emailing the nominating committee or showing up at the board meeting and nominating yourself.

But… you must be a member of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association to be elected to and serve on the board. The HNA membership application form is located on the website. You need to have a linkage to Hillsdale, by residing here, studying here, working here, or owning property here. You must be at least 16 years old. If you have other reasons you wish to join the HNA, contact the board, which has authority to approve others for membership based upon a written request.

The duties of board members include attending and participating in the monthly HNA meetings, taking a role in the running of the organization, and being a member of the HNA team. The HNA bylaws at the website give a larger picture of the organizational structure. Community-building activities are rewarding and expand our understanding of folks who surround us in our daily lives.

Elections will be held on June 1 at the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association meeting, held via Zoom beginning at 7 p.m. We want Portland and Hillsdale to be more livable. You can be a part of an organization that fosters positive efforts by our community during these challenges.

Your voice is important. Learn more about us at , or email


What neighborhood issues are important to you, are you involved in solving them, and if not, what are the barriers preventing you from engaging in a solution? Let us know.


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