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Volunteers Clean Up Hillsdale Town Center

[Posted March 8, 2021]

On Saturday, March 6th, the Hillsdale Community Foundation "Usual Suspects" and "Garden Variety Usual Suspects" got busy picking up trash, tidying up plantings along Capitol Hwy, and painting over graffiti. It was amazing to see how much 20 people could accomplish in just one hour.

The Usual Suspects meet the first Saturday of each month at 9am in front of Basics Market in Hillsdale. The next work party is Saturday, April 3. All ages welcome, bring gloves, masks, and sturdy shoes.

To learn more about graffiti clean-up strategies and how to get a clean-up kit, email Todd McDonald or join the Hillsdale/Multnomah Village Cleanup Crew Facebook page.

The Hillsdale Assistance Team (HAT) has recently formed to address the needs and circumstances of the homeless in Hillsdale. To get involved or learn more about HAT, email Rick Seifert.

Before/During/After Under the Bridge on Bertha Boulevard:


More volunteers at work on Saturday:

--Valeurie Friedman, with additional photos contributed by Rick Seifert, Michael Reunert and Todd McDonald


Are you helping out in Hillsdale in other ways ? Looking for an opportunity to help out? Let us know.


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