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"Light Up Hillsdale"

[Posted December 17, 2021]

Businesses along SW Capitol Hwy and up Sunset Blvd, from Verde Cocina to Salvador Molly's, are lighting up the season this year, illuminating these dark days of winter with the "Light Up Hillsdale" campaign.

Many Hillsdale businesses host a light display as part of an annual tradition. This year, the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association (HBPA) distributed white string lights to an additional 54 businesses, thanks in part to a grant from Venture Portland.

Chris Reid, of Wardin Properties, and Joe Schafbuch, Principal Broker at Inhabit Realty and president of the HBPA, are the main motivators behind the effort. Reid handled most of the lighting logistics while Schafbuch secured the grant that funded the added lights. Hillsdale Food park owner Richard Stein contributed to the project by hosting a lighting ceremony at the Food Park on November 26.

Schafbuch said, "After 16 months of covid-relation challenges, Hillsdale businesses and residents deserve a season of unification and celebration."


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