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SW 25th Ave is Home to Shed of Kindness

[Posted November 19, 2021]

Ten-year old Sylvie Wright and her friends thought people could use a little more kindness, so to help brighten some days and lift some moods they created the Shed of Kindness.

Originally used as a mail and newspaper collection shelter, the structure on SW 25th sits along a pedestrian path that leads from the east side of the Mittleman Jewish Community Center on SW Capitol Hwy at one end to Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy at the other. Neighbors have improved the path over the years, restoring native vegetation and installing stairs and permeable surface treatments to make the path more user-friendly. Further along toward the south end, the path is scattered with "moonstones," large pebbles that illuminate the path at night.

The Shed of Kindness features painted rocks, sand dollars, and other contributions from neighbors and passersby.

Sylvie, a student at Hayhurst Elementary says, "There's so much wrong in the world right now and people just need to smile."

--Valeurie Friedman



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